How to Back Up Your Images

You’ve had your session, and you’ve downloaded your photos from the gallery. Maybe you’ve chosen your favorites, shared them with friends and family, and even had some prints made.

Now what?

Preserving your digitals is an incredibly important step, and as the client, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have them in a secure place where you can access them in the future.

The online galleries sent to you are only active for so long. They come down after a certain amount of time. I do back up client images, but there is no guarantee I will always have access to them in the future. If you end up needing me to un-archive older photos, there will be a $250 fee to cover the time spent on this process.

Here are some tips to ensure you can enjoy your images for years to come!

1. Download all of the photos from the gallery. Sometimes, after a session, the client will only download their favorite photos. I get it. You may have instant connections to some of the photos, but in the future, you may change your mind. Download the entire gallery, then organize them into folders with your favorites. Trust me on this.

2. Computers fail. Downloading your images onto a computer is going to be the easiest way to go, but computers are known to crash unexpectedly. Leaving them on your computer is okay if you have enough space on your hard drive, but you shouldn’t rely on this as a secure backup option.

3. Online backups are essential. This is one way you should be backing up all of your photos. Amazon Prime has unlimited photo storage for all its members. This is a great option because it’s free if you’re already paying for a Prime membership. Google and other Cloud-based services charge after a certain amount of storage is reached, but there are plenty of other options out there. If you’re using an online platform to backup your photos, be sure the platform is not going to compress your photos at any point during the storage process.

4. Hard drives are a must. This is a second form of backup. It is important not to rely on USB drives or CDs as they are already outdated technology and can fail more easily than a hard drive. Your hard drive should be placed in a fireproof and waterproof safe. It also doesn’t hurt to have two hard drive copies with two separate geological locations. I keep one copy of all important personal images in my parents’ safe.  Note: I am not responsible for any hard drive failures, as technology does always have a chance of failing. This is why multiple backups are crucial!

5. If you are unsure of how to backup your photos properly, I do offer a few services to help clients ensure the safety of their images. Please inquire if you have any qualms or questions about doing this yourself.

By taking these steps, you are investing your time in protecting your memories for a lifetime.

Grow with Me

Did you know I offer incentives for booking multiple milestone sessions for your child’s first year of growth?

Maternity photos are typically the start of this process. Pregnancy means huge changes to your body, and it can be equal parts beautiful… yet absolutely bewildering. Some new moms are hesitant to schedule a maternity session, but I can attest that most women are thrilled to have those photos once the baby arrives and as they grow older.

Newborn photos should be scheduled three to six months from your due date. This ensures I have enough availability during the month your baby is set to arrive. Once your baby is here, you let me know, and we celebrate! Then, the session date and time will be set. We will wait until you and the baby are home and settled in. I prefer to take the photos within ten days after the birth, if at all possible. This helps to get those adorable sleepy baby poses. Nearly all of my newborn sessions are taken in the client’s home, but we can discuss what is best for you and choose another location if you prefer.

Three-, six-, and nine-month are super common milestones to photograph your growing little one. These timeframes will show the largest amount of change in between sessions. It’s always so incredible to see how much your baby grows in such a short amount of time! I also love to include parents and siblings for family shots at these sessions.

One-year photos are so important. What a feeling to know that you made it a whole year with your newest love. We can keep things simple for this shoot, or I also offer add-ons for a custom smash cake and a custom backdrop setup.

If you’re interested in hearing more about pricing and the incentives offered for booking these milestones with me, please inquire!

Molly + Jeff

Molly + Jeff

Frankenmuth Brewery Wedding

This wedding was absolutely stunning, and is an excellent example to showcase a Frankenmuth wedding. So many of my favorite locations and vendors were included, all working together to create a perfect celebration.The Brownstone Haus is my preferred Airbnb in Frankenmuth for a place for the bridal party to get ready together. It has ample space inside the house for the girls to spread out for hair and makeup. The kitchen and dining room are spacious and well-lit. Additionally, there is also a small venue setup in the garage you can rent. With the cutest design and a chic bar, it is the perfect location for a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. They even go one step further and provide some yard games and patio furniture so everyone can relax, mingle, and unwind before the big day.
The Frankenmuth Brewery is one of my favorite venues in the area. The staff itself is incredible. Lindsay will more than likely be your lead contact, and she is also ordained to be your officiant for the day if you are in need of one. The building is absolutely stunning, overlooking the river with industrial floor-to-ceiling windows. The windows can open fully to give you an indoor outdoor feel if the weather allows. The venue’s catering service is top-notch, as well. Molly and Jeff were surrounded by the sweetest family and friends. I loved every minute of photographing the girls as they got ready in the Brownstone Haus. The guys came and got ready in the garage bar area there, as well. It worked out great! The ceremony was short and sweet, yet chock-full of love and warmth. Molly and Jeff were so easy-going and had the perfect schedule to ensure a stress-free day. We had plenty of time for all the photos on their list… and then some!

If you’re considering having your wedding celebration in or around the Frankenmuth area, let this be your sign to go for it! I have taken so many wonderful wedding photos and have had excellent experiences in my hometown, and I’m always happy to point you in the right direction. Reach out and inquire!

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